Customer Comments

100% opinion: Wonderful products and unbelievable prices.
100% opinion: Very pleased with products and great services.

We have received so many valued e-mails. The following are actual e-mail excerpts we received from our customers. you can click Author to see its actual e-mail form. We print its headers & mail-path for the evidence.

"David Diep"
I have received and installed the system RS-108 from you about a week after I ordered it. This system replaced my much more expensive Culligan RO system that I've been using for more than 10 years. Even thought the Culligan system worked fine, it lacked the quantity of water that my family needs. Your Pure-Pro Royal RS-108 mra-p system worked without a hitch after my installation. It gave our family lots of "pure" drinking water (TDS reading of 000 or <10ppm). My 10 gallons tank was full most of the time through out the day versus empty most of the time with my old RO system. I am very impressed with the clean design, superior product (better performance and lower cost), solidly build quality, and good customer service (friendly staffs, prompt e-mail acknowledgement, quick delivery time as stated) (I have an Electrical Engineering background). This system has already made my family a lot happier with the quality and quantity of our water not to mention that it will save me a lot of money and time in the long run for filters replacement (I will save more than half the money buying them directly from Pure-Pro on the Internet and they are going to be in doorsteps in a couple of days!). Again, thanks for a wonderful product and let's keep up the good works!

"Brian Schoenberg"
Just a note to let you know how much my family enjoys your RS-108 filter system. I looked at many internet sites and I don't believe any compared with the quantity of water this makes. My three gallon storage container when fully empty refills in 45 minutes ! I was expecting 2-3 hours. And the water quality is amazing ! I ran a gallon distiller for years and this water vivals my distiller at a much better cost per gallon. I was also leery at how much noise it would make with the booster pump running, but I have to open my cupboard door to see if it's working.

I am impressed with your product, but what really sold me was your promptness for answering any questions I had. Again nothing but 5-stars to you and your products. I would recommend the top of the line model I purchased, but I'm certain any of your other systems are also of the same quality. I truly beat a path to many web sites and checked out 15-20 other models and your products easily are either under priced or over valued !

"Rob Blaker"
Mike, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You have been very helpful and your efforts are greatly appreciated. I attached the recommendation which wrote by Dave Meyerhofer.

" I purchased the model royal ro RS-108. I've purchased it in August, so its about 4 months old now. My background in is electrical engineering & manufacturing, so my natural instinct is to closely examine, sometimes disassemble and figure out how things are made and how the individual components fit together. In general, all RO units, regardless of the manufacture, are pretty simple and all use basically the same parts. The RS-108 is unique in that its all electronically controlled, replacing the typical pressure-actuated and manual valves with electronic solenoids. The PurePro RS-108 is a neat design.

The individual parts, including the electronics, are all high quality. All of the individual components are well integrated and fit together like it was "designed", not just a rough assembly of off-the-shelf pieces. Even the paint on the frame was flawless. Another impressive feature is the pump. I was expecting something much smaller but this is a "substantial" pump ! I was concerned about pump noise, but its quite quiet.

I mounted my RO under my kitchen sink. I replaced an existing RO system, so my particular installation was quite easy. Normal installation would take more time and be harder, but certainly it is a job that most homeowners could tackle. There is no assembly required, all parts, filters and connections were supplied. All you have to do is install it.

I spent many hours on the internet searching for an RO system. I was skeptical about the 103tds because the price appeared to be too low for what was being advertised as compared to other RO systems. After seeing and using the unit for 4 months, it is a great value. I would recommend it to anyone and I would buy another one. Overall, this purchase experience has exceeded my expectations.

"Norbert Roessler"
Received the unit today. Good Design PurePro Royal Series RS-107 MR . Installation was very easy and your instructions were very great. Thank you again for the extended discount to offset the shipping cost to Hawaii. I believe I've already sold another unit to my neighbors. I've given them your card and the brochure that you've enclosed.

"Ben Ocean"
Hi. I just bought and installed your water purifier. First of all, let me congratulate you on building such a wonderful product and selling it at such an unbelievable price ! I'm familiar with RO purifiers ! Plus, your service has been excellent, delivery speed acceptable.

"Jerry Vandermarel"
I have received and installed the RS-108 MRA-P and just thought I would drop you a line to say that I am very pleased with your product and thanks for the great service.

"Ted Zolman"
First of all I didn't mention last time how pleased I am with the unit, I have looked at Culligan and Kinetico $800.00 to $850.00 and I can't believe how lucky I was to find yours, the price, the extra filters, the standard sizes and the excellent web site and the tester, I will recommend you !

I received the RO system that I had ordered last week. I was impressed at the fast shipping, and no S & H fee as well as the price. The unit was easy to install and works great. according to the electrolysis device. I have told several people about your product already.

"Michael Mackel"
I purchased a RO unit from you over a year ago and need to purchase new filters. Your unit has preformed flawlessly and enjoy my water very much.

Just a note to say thanks for the reply. I just got done changing my filters, it went without a hitch !! Still can't believe how much water this unit makes !! I couldn't use it that fast unless I used it for showering and all my needs. Again thanks and talk to you again soon.

"Robert Shaw"
My name is Robert Shaw, Stockbridge, Georgia.
I bought my Model RS-107 filter system, equipped with the Ultraviolet Light, and installed it in August 2013. My system is installed in the basement and plumbed to the kitchen sink, icemaker and the two bathrooms on the other end of the house. I live in the country and have a well. My system has the pump to keep the pressure necessary to provide sufficient water through the membrane and filters. I use the three gallon water storage tank and plumbed the bathrooms using 1/2 inch PVC pipe (35' long). I sufficient water supply from the system for drinking, cooking, ice, etc. I also have a ten gallon bladder tank and did not have to use it as I have sufficient water supply from the three gallon tank for drinking, cooking, ice, etc. I am also considering installing a smaller system under the floor of my motorhome, and plumbing it to the kitchen, bath and ice maker. I put the filtered water in the batteries in my motorhome and three other vehicles. I have recommended Pure Pro to numerous friends. I also recommend installing the Pure Pro reverse osmosis system in any home using a well or public water system. The Pure Pro company has a superior product and they provide excellent service.

"Robert Berger"
I just wanted to let you know that this has been the greatest purifying system we have ever owned. We had looked at many local big named companies before trying your product. We have well water and it is extreme. This system keeps our water at a consistent .02 and an occasional .01 ppm. On behalf of my wife and my baby girl we want to thank you for the great product and your awesome customer service. It is well worth every penny spent.